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DTIP 2016 conference

05 February 2016

DTIP 2016 conference, in Budapest 20 May - 2 June 2016, where the below will be presented:

Design of a novel Tri-axial force sensor for optimized design of prosthetic socket for lower limb amputees
Sordo G., Lorenzelli L.
Centre for Material and Microsystems, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (CMM-FBK)
Trento, 38123, Italy


The function of a lower prosthetic is highly dependent upon the characteristics and anatomical profile of the residual limb. Integrating several micro sensors within a test socket can help the prosthesists to achieve a fast-customised design and manufacturing of prosthetic socket for lower limb amputees. This contribution focus the attention on the design of a tri-axial force sensor for monitoring the force generated between leg and the socket. The proposed force sensor consists in an array of silicon pressure sensors covered by a polymeric package. The polymeric package converts any applied force into a pressure applied to the array underneath. By measuring the deformation of the membranes composing the array, it is possible to calculate not only the intensity of the force but also its direction in the three-dimensional space. The paper presents the design of the sensor using both FEM simulations and analytical formulas.